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flower seeds Since the very first seed catalogs were sent out during the 1800s, avid gardeners have looked forward to the time of year when these catalogs fill their mailboxes.  Considered anything but junk mail to those who love gardening, seed catalogs usually arrive in January and give the gardener many pleasurable hours of reading and thinking about the upcoming year's garden.  Once the gardening plans have been made, it is time to order seeds!

Seeds are fertilized ovules that contain young plant embryos and stored food (endosperm) encased in a protective outer coating.  The coating protects the seed from cold, drought, and fire.  Depending on their species, seeds are able to lie dormant for one year or for many years, until conditions are suitable for germination.  Seeds are small, inexpensive, and easy to package and transport.  They can be purchased online or locally, stored until the approach of the growing season, then planted, watered, and allowed to germinate and grow.  Many unusual plant species can be propagated and cultivated by a gardener who is prepared to invest time in sowing seeds and caring for seedlings.

Seeds may be hybrid or open-pollinated.  Hybrid seeds are produced by breeding dissimilar parent plants in order to combine specific plant characteristics.  These seeds produce nearly identical plants.  Open-pollinated seeds produce plants that are similar, but not identical.

Most seeds need some early care in order to germinate successfully, but the length and type of nurturing varies between species.  Some seeds, such as zinnias and radishes, sprout within a few days, while others, such as perennials and trees, can take several months to germinate.  Tiny seeds such as petunias and poppies are sowed on the surface, or near the surface, of the soil.  Larger seeds, which contain more endosperm, may be sowed deeper in the soil.

vegetable seeds While most seed catalog firms stock a sufficient quantity of seeds, it is always a good idea for the gardener to place his order early.  Some seed catalogs offer early bird discounts and free seeds to gardeners who place their orders before the springtime rush.  When buying seeds for your garden, be sure to select quality seeds from reputable suppliers.

The directory features several popular seed catalogs that offer an extensive selection of flower seeds, vegetable seeds, and plant nursery items.  Some types of seed, primarily sunflower seeds and millet seeds, are attractive bird feeds, and are often used in backyard birdfeeders.  For your convenience, the directory also features two bird seed suppliers.

Seed Catalogs

    Founded in 1820, this venerable seed and nursery company offers an extensive catalog of vegetable and flower seeds for home gardeners.
  • Burpee > Seeds and Plants
    Popular nursery offers vegetables, flowers, herbs, and garden gear.
  • Johnny's Selected Seeds
    Wide selection of quality vegetable, flower, and herb seeds.
  • Park's Seeds
    Annual, perennial, and vegetable seeds for American gardens.
  • Harris Seeds
    Supplier of quality vegetable and flower seeds to home gardeners and professional growers.
  • SeedWay
    Markets an extensive and diverse line of commercial vegetable seeds.
  • Wildseed Farms
    Purchase wildflower seeds direct from the nation's largest working wildflower seed farm.
  • Sand Mountain Herbs
    This Alabama firm offers a broad selection of unique and unusual herb seeds.
  • Stokes Seeds
    Distributor of flower, vegetable, herb and perennial seeds to customers throughout North America.
  • Richters Herbs
    Find medicinal, culinary, and aromatic herbs – plants and seeds.
  • Native American Seed
    Offers wildflower and grass seed that are native to our bioregion.
  • Seedman
    Family owned and operated seed business serving home gardeners, botanists and researchers.

Bird Seed Catalogs

  • Wagners
    Offers a selection of bird seed and other wild bird foods.
  • Pennington Seed
    Grass seed, forage grasses, wildlife products, wild bird feeding, and more.

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